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What is the advantage of a Premium Account?

When you buy a Premium package as a member, you immediately become a Premium member. As a Premium member you can send plenty of messages, you also have access to all Premium options, such as sending and receiving photos and gifts in chat messages or viewing all private photos of other members.

Why can I only view profile photos as a trial member?
Is my privacy well protected?

How can I continue chatting when I run out of credits?
What is the fee per message?
What is stated on my bank statement?

How do I send a photo of a gift in a chat?
How do I delete a chat, message or photo?
How do I Like another member on FlirtHub?
How do I search for members on FlirtHub?

Can I find my own profile on FlirtHub?
I want to change my profile.
How can I add or remove a (profile) photo?
Why is my (profile) photo rejected?

I don't want to receive any more e-mails.
I can no longer log in.
I want to delete my account.
I wish for an access ban on FlirtHub.

Can I make physical arrangements with other members?
What are ChatPals and Hosts?

What are the terms of use and privacy policy?
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FlirtHub is a chat service, aimed at exchanging chat messages. FlirtHub contains real member profiles as well as fictional member profiles (so-called ChatPals). In contrast to the real member profiles, no physical agreements can be made with fictitious member profiles. Our guarantees no obligations, no subscription and no spam! Pay only when you use our services: starting at €1.50 per message. Our terms of us and privacy policy apply to this website and the services provided by FlirtHub.